Karl Berger Discography




“Reveries”                                    Ivo Perelman/Karl Berger Duo, Leo Records 2014

“What Do I Know”                  (Producer) Ingrid Sertso and Friends, Konnex Records 2011

“Strangely Familiar”                  Piano Solo, Tzadik Records 2010

“Soul Scapes”                                    William Goldstein / Karl Berger, Duets,  Gold Music Prod. 2009

“Duets 2”                                    John Lindberg/Karl Berger Duo, ACR Records, 2009

“Duet 1”                                                      John Lindberg/Karl Berger Duo, between the lines Records, 2007

“On and On”                                    Ingrid Sertso/Karl Berger Duo, ACR Records. 2007

"Stillpoint"                                    Karl Berger + Friends, Double Moon Records, 2005

"NoManIsAnIsland"                  Karl Berger + Friends, Instinct  Records (Knitting Factory), 2003

"Around"                                     Karl Berger + Friends, Black Saint Records

"Conversations"                                    Duets w. Ray Andersen, Mark Feldman, Carlos Ward, Blood Ulmer, 

                                                      Dave Holland, Ingrid Sertso,  In+Out Records

"Crystal Fire"                                    Trio w. Dave Holland, Ed Blackwell, Enja Records

"Transit"                                    Trio                                      "                                    "     Black Saint Records

"Moon Dance Suite"       Composition for the Sudpool Ensemble, Bellaphon Records

"Berger/Shigihara"                  Duets with Paul Shigihara, Bellaphon Records

"Just Play"                                    Duets with Ed Blackwell, Emanem Records

"Changing the Time"      Duets with Dave Holland, Sackville Records

"Lines and Spaces"                  Duets with Hozan Yamamoto,  JVC Japan

"With Silence"                                    Quartet, feat. Masahiko Sato, Enja Records

"We are you"                                    Quartet, feat. Ingrid Sertso,  Enja Records

"Karl Berger"                                    Quartet, w. Henry Grimes, Carlos Ward, Ed Blackwell,  ESP Disk

"Tune In"                                    Quartet, w.Dave Holland, Carlos Ward, Ed Blackwell, Milestone Records

 "Woodstock Workshop Orchestra"  MPS Records (LP)

"Peace Church Concerts" CMC Records (LP)


and soloist with

Ingrid Sertso:                                    “What do I know”, Konnex Records, 2011

Kesang Marstrand:                  “Bodega Rose”, North Node Records, 2009

Warren Smith:                                    “Old Dog:  ‘By Any Other Name’ “, Porter Records, 2009  

Ingrid Sertso :                                     "Dance with it"  with Don Cherry a.o., Enja Records

Ingrid Sertso                                    “Jazz Dance”, ITM Records

Don Cherry :                                    "Eternal Rhythm"with, Pharoah Sanders a.o.,  MPS Records

Don Cherry :                                    "Symphony for Improvisers" with Pharoah Sanders a.o., Blue Note Records

Don Cherry:                                    "Multikulti", A&M Records

Don Cherry:                                    “Live at the Monmatre” vol 1+2, ESP and Magnetic Records

John McLaughlin :                  "When Fortune Smiles"  with Dave Holland, John Surman a.o.

Charles Mingus:                  "Epitaph" (Gunther Schuller),  CBS Records

Bill Laswell:                                    "Jazzonia",  Douglas Records

Conjoint:                                    "Earprints",  Source Records                                   

Vitold Rek:                                    "2x2",  Taso Music Production

Les Gammas:                                    "Exercices de styles",  Compost Records

Ed Sarath:                                    "Timescape"

Beppe Alipandri:                  "Blue Flowers",  Splasc(h) Records

Francisco Mondragon:   "Ancient Civilization", Pulque Records

Marzette Watts:                                    "Marzette Watts", ESP Disk

Alan Silva:                                    "Alan Silva", ESP Disk


                                                          and arranger with


 Bill Laswell

“Operazone”, Instinct Records (Douglas/Knitting Factory)

Bill Laswell

“Jazzonia”, Instinct Records (Douglas/Knitting Factory)

Bill Laswell

“Material: The Third Power”, Axiom Records


“Giant Robot”, Sony Records, Japan

Angelique Kidjo

“Black Ivory Soul”, Sony/Columbia Records

Nina Persson

“A Camp”, Stockholm Records


Afrika Bambaataa

“The Light”, MCA Records

Sly Dunbar

“Rhythm Killers” with Robbie Shakespeare, Island Records

Jonatha Brooke

“Ten cent wings”, MCA Records

Mark Black

“White Water Depot , Soma Records



Further arrangements for recordings by:

The Cardigans



Atlantic Records, to be released

Lili Haydn,

RCA Victor, to be released


Universal Records, to be released


Axiom Records, to be released


Sony Records, unreleased



Bootsy Collins


The Swans





Selected recordings

Strangely Familiar
What Do I Know
Duets 1
Sense of Space
Die Leiden des jungen Werther
No Man Is An Island
Berger + Shigihara
Crystal Fire
Jazz Dance
Again And Again
Seasons Change
Live At The Donaueschingen Music Festival
Changing The Time
United Patchwork
All Kinds of Time
Just Play
Vol. 1 The Peace Church Concerts
With Silence
We Are You
Tune In
From Now On
Jazz Da Camera